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Performance Beyond Strength & Speed

Our practice is here for all athletes, no matter their skill level. Sports vision training can be used to increase performance, as well as assist in developing athletic potential. 

No matter the sport, visual performance plays an important role. We use vision therapy to help everyone enjoy and excel at their favourite physical activities.

What Is Sports Vision Training?

Similar to vision therapy, sports vision training is used to help strengthen the connection between the eyes and the brain. In all sports, the ability to recognize and assess what is happening around you is particularly important, involving both vision and brain processing. 

Sports vision training usually includes regular in-office appointments and at-home exercises. These are customized for each athlete and their sport, helping them to optimize their vision and sports experience. As each athlete’s needs are different, programs can range from several weeks to several months.

Visual Skills for Athletic Performance 

Even though every sport requires a different set of skills and performance from athletes, every sport requires good visual acuity, depth perception, and high level processing. 

Vision therapy is often used to help athletes with the following: 

Visual Reaction Time

Visual reaction time is important in any sport. An athlete’s physical speed and strength are less effective if they aren’t able to react to an event quickly enough. We use vision therapy to help improve reaction time for athletes.

In many sports, things move very quickly. To compete optimally, athletes need to be able to track what’s happening around them. Visual tracking is the process of accurately following a fast-moving object.

Generally, a major component of vision therapy is developing a strong connection between the eyes and the brain. However, in sport, this connection goes beyond just the eyes and the brain, to include the body, as well as the hands… and even the feet.

When athletes compete in their sport, their eyes are constantly sending new information to their brain. In high-stress situations, it’s important for this information to reach the brain quickly and accurately. Vision therapy can be used to help increase an athlete’s visual processing and perception.

Nearly every sport requires good peripheral vision. Without it, athletes would have difficulty seeing when other players are approaching them, or where the next play is to be made. A sports field is a big, vast area that requires good vision to see.

Peripheral vision awareness focuses on improving the individual’s ability to see what’s on either side of them while their eyes are pointed forward.

Improve Your Game  

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